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Que escuchas en este momento? v2.0 {{Continuación 2018/11/10}}

We rollin' deep Swisher, sweets to my portal
Nine cat lives, got nine silver knives
I got big red eyes and I'm feelin' so immortal
Welcome to my corridor, feelin' like a Warlord
Exoskeleton, I became a martyr
Mexico by night if you wanna take a charter
Grind a little harder
Snow white seven dwarves, chains on baller
10 black bottles with my boys overseas
Cadillac's like melted cheese
Money in my time machine
Went to China, set me free
Silver screens on silver screens
Chandeliers I make believe
I just do, as I please, sippin' lean as I sleep
Countin' money like a sheep
Junkies knocking at my door, I told them "I ain't serve you shit"
Nigga wanted half a pound, I told him "I ain't got a zip"
Need to place another order, overnight I get it shipped
Getting on the plug nerves, say I move the dope too quick
Moving them packs like I got on Vans
Only 12 grams, I ain't got no tin
Plug say he dry, then I need a new plan
So I hit my lil' bro, 6 bands, middle man
Don't need no workers, all my sales hand to hand
Still waiting on the plug, but the fuck nigga' playing

When I run out of work, put me in a bad mood
Six pounds, it was gone in an hour, OG gas bag of the sour
Smoking bouquets of the flower
Moving K packs of the downers
My white bitch i'm serving her father
Send packs in the air on departure
Xanax for less then a dollar
I hate when I run out of product

No halves, no zips, no pounds, sold out
No grams, no eighths, no shake, sold out
No percs, no xans, no tan, sold out
No X? no meth? is ya deaf? I'm sold out