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El Tema del Hip Hop (Postea tu tema)

I feel like I'm Gucci Mane in 2006
All these diamonds, dancing on my fucking neck cost like four bricks
And the way that I be toting on that strap, don't make no sense
He a million dollar nigga but be posted in the bricks, ayy
It make no sense
It make no sense :contento:
Oh my, oh my
I've been up for a long time
Broad day
I've been popping pills
Pouring syrup, everyday
Cuzo hanging at my aunty house (bando!) selling yay
I got shooters dressed in camo
Oh my
I've been in and out the courthouse, jury tripping
I've been flipping, flipping syrup, sipping, water whipping
Mama kicked me out the house now, oh my
I might end up on the couch now, oh my
I'm on a flight now, oh my
LA at another couch now, oh my
I'm counting up nothing but Benjamin's right now
Oh my
I'm on a flight now, we so high
About to get some cash now, oh my
Got my momma that new house now, oh my
Now she cannot kick me out now, oh my
I've been up for a long time, oh my