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El Tema del Hip Hop (Postea tu tema)

And if I'm doomed, may the wound
Help my mother be blessed for many moons
I suffer a lot
And every day that glass mirror get tougher to watch
I tie my stomach in knots
And I'm sure not why I'm infatuated with death
My imagination is surely an aggravation of threats
That can come about
'Cause the tongue is mighty powerful
And I can name a list of your favorites that probably vouch
Maybe 'cause I'm dreamer and sleep is the cousin of death
Really stuck in the scheme of, wondering when I'ma rest
And you're right, your brother was a brother to me
And your sister's situation was the one that put me
In a direction to speak on something that's realer than the TV screen
By any means, wasn't trying to offend or come between
Her personal life, I was like "It need to be told"
Cursing the life of twenty generations after her soul
Exactly what'd happened if I ain't continue rappin'
Or steady being distracted by money drugs and four
Fives, I count lives all on these songs
Look at the weak and cry, pray one day you'll be strong
Fighting for your rights, even when you're wrong
And hope that at least one of you sing about me when I'm gone
Am I worth it?
Did I put enough work in?
When the lights shut off
And its my turn to settle down
My main concern
Promise that you will sing about me
Promise that you will sing about me

He estado escuchando bastante el good kid, Maad city. Me trae nostalgia y ahora mas grande, entiendo consecuencias y viendo la Vida de otra manera capto lo "grande" q es este disco de principio a fin.
We finally made it, let's pop us some bottles
I took the lead and let everyone follow
They know I'm runnin' it right to the bank
They want me to ease up, I didn't leave 'em any breathin' room
Sorry, I told 'em, "I can't"
Heard you a rat, so you know what's gon' happen whenever we catch you
I run with them snakes
Peep all the moves I been makin', by time I get forty
I gotta be one of them greats
Watch how I move with this paper
I know if I slip up one time they gon' try to come take it
Real as it get and these niggas be fakin'
I don't want they vibes, so they hand I ain't shakin'
No more fake text messages, leave 'em all on read
And this game some bullshit, but they payin' so I play it
Cartier earrings, act like I don't hear what they be sayin'
Keep that shit too solid, I spent millions on my family
None of that shit promised, I pay cash, I take chances
I don't understand nothin', I don't want no advance
Blood on these diamonds, they look good, they dance
Big truck pull up like a blue ambulance
Started with a penny, now it's racked up to a million, WOO
Hope you get a second chance, we been down since elementary
Hope one day we meet again, break you out this penitentiary
Cuz, what's crackin'? Hope you straight, know you thuggin' like you should
Seen your momma yesterday, gave her money for your books
Different day, the same shit, nothing changed on...